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The Op-group was founded in August 2009 by 7 operasingers.  Since then the group has given over 30 different concerts with scenes from various operas and staged whole operas like Sour Angelica and created our own shows like the tribute to Maria Callas called Marias reply.
In the frame below, on the left side, we will inform our visitors about upcoming events.   
The individuals within the group are also giving concerts on their own and performing at various places so the right side below is devoted to those events.
About the name: Óp-hópurinn in Icelandic has a doubble meaning as Op is short for Opera and Óp also means a scream in Icelandic. Hópurinn means group.

Next on the agenda:
23rd of March at 11:00 and 13:30 and
30th of March at 13:30 and 16:00
Hänsel und Gretel by Humperdinck
Admittance fee 3000 kr.
Location: Salurinn, Kópavogur
Directed by Maja Jantar
Orcestra: Antonía Hevesi, pianist
Singers: Ásgeir Páll Ágústsson, bariton, Bylgja Dís Gunnarsdóttir, soprano, Erla Björg Káradóttir, soprano, Hallveig Rúnarsdóttir, soprano, Hanna Þóra Guðbrandsdóttir, soprano, Hörn Hrafnsdóttir, mezzo-soprano, Jóhann Smári Sævarsson, bariton, Margrét Einarsdóttir, soprano, Rósalind Gísladóttir, soprano and Sigríður Aðalsteinsdóttir, mezzo-soprano.

Forthcoming events related to the Op-group.

6th of May at 12:00 -  lunchhour concert in Hafnarborg
Rósalind og Antonía. 
9th of May at 12:00  - 
lunchhour concert in Háteigskirkja
Hörn and Antonía.  Songs and arias about mothers love.  
10th of June, lunchhour concert in the Northenlight hall at Harpa
Hörn and Antonía. Star bright night.